Addiction Glossary and FAQs

The Caron Texas Treatment Center provides alcohol treatment and drug rehab programs primarily to young adults and adults of both genders.

The focus of our treatment programs and personalized services is to eliminate chemical dependency and to evaluate patients for co-occurring mental health and cross-addiction conditions.

We at Caron Texas believe that education about addiction is The First Step on the long and sometimes complex road to recovery for any individual with a chemical dependency and addiction issue. Accordingly, we are providing a glossary of basic facts about addiction, about substance abuse and about certain drugs that are abused in our society. This addiction glossary is not intended to be comprehensive in scope or topics covered.

Included in the addiction glossary you will find frequently asked questions and answers about addiction topics ranging from the amount of THC in marijuana to the definitions of withdrawal symptoms and a comparison of withdrawal and medical detoxification.

Treatment programs at Caron Texas are based on a 12-Step approach to treatment and recovery. We include in our personalized treatment programs a focus on detox (chemical dependency), individual and group counseling, family counseling, addiction education and spiritual and meditation guidance.