In the Community

No community is untouched by alcohol or drug addiction – in fact, one in six families in Texas are dealing with the disease of addiction.

Caron Texas offers hope for the future recovery of individuals and their families not only in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and surrounding community, but also beyond the borders of Texas.

Caron’s success over the past 53+ years can be attributed to the long-term relationships established in the communities we serve, which include Texas, Pennsylvania, Florida, New York, Boston, and Washington, D.C. Our relationships are with addiction professionals, mental health clinicians and institutions, schools, children’s groups and universities and addiction and psychological research centers.

Caron Treatment Centers' commitment to providing innovative treatment has made us one of the leading drug and alcohol treatment providers in the nation. We strive to continually educate the community about the disease of addiction, as well as support our alumni and their families in their Recovery for Life.

Caron is proud to be a part of the Greater Dallas/Ft. Worth community.


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