As a leading provider of drug and alcohol addiction recovery programs, Caron Texas understands just how important a post-treatment recovery plan is for long-term substance free living.



A crucial component of any post-treatment addiction recovery plan is staying connected to the network of fellow Caron graduates. For that reason, Caron created an Alumni Relations team that is dedicated to providing opportunities for alumni of Caron Texas or any Caron treatment program to stay connected and support their alcohol treatment and drug rehab recovery. Our goal is to provide members of the Dallas community and the surrounding areas with the support they need to experience the gift of Recovery for Life.

The Caron Alumni network is open to both recent Caron Texas treatment program graduates and veteran graduates from any Caron program, as well as family and friends. As a member of the Caron Alumni Network, you will be invited to attend regular Caron alumni events, participate in Caron fellowship groups, and become a 12-Step recovery contact for new Caron graduates. More importantly, your active participation in the Caron Alumni network will help Caron continue to provide drug and alcohol addiction recovery programs for countless individuals suffering from the disease of addiction.

As the largest non-profit addiction treatment provider in the country, Caron relies on Caron Alumni and other generous benefactors to provide monetary donations. These donations help in funding the Caron Endowment and patient scholarship funds. With a larger endowment, Caron Texas can provide drug rehab and alcohol treatment to more individuals on a needs basis. To learn more about the various opportunities to donate, please visit the Make a Gift page where you can access the Donate to Caron form.

Caron Alumni, friends, family and anyone involved in the Caron Recovery community are also invited to participate in our regional events, workshops, retreats and support groups.

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