As a private-pay drug and alcohol treatment facility, Caron Texas provides comprehensive drug rehab and alcohol treatment programs for adults.

The total investment for a rehabilitation treatment program at Caron Texas is based on a 4-6 week primary residential treatment stay. Your treatment program investment can be made either before or upon admission (with approval) to Caron Texas. Caron accepts many forms of payment including certified checks, cash, credit cards (AMEX, MasterCard, Visa, Discover), or wire transfers.

Caron Texas is now working with insurance providers to access out of network benefits to help fund a patient’s treatment stay. The Caron Texas staff will contact your insurance company to see if out-of-network benefits apply to the addiction rehabilitation treatment.

Caron Texas asks that patients and their families explore all personal financial resources available that can be used to contribute to the investment in treatment at Caron Texas. Caron Texas also works with a medical loan company that can help finance a patient’s investment in a rehabilitation treatment program. They offer reasonable interest rates and low monthly payments for those who qualify. Although Caron Texas is not affiliated with this medical loan company, our Admissions Specialists can provide contact and other information about these programs to those interested.

As a non-profit organization, Caron Texas does provide limited, partial scholarships to those applicants who qualify based on a financial needs assessment.  Contact a Caron Texas Admissions Specialist now at 800-214-0352 to learn more.

Financial Resources:
*The provider number will be given after you speak to a Caron Admissions Specialist


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