Admissions Info

At Caron Texas, we know that the decision to contact a rehab facility for possible admission is not an easy one.

The individual seeking admission is probably nervous, unsure of the process, apprehensive about the outcome and recovery. The family and loved ones, too, are filled with emotion and concern, but have decided, at the least, to take this first step toward getting help.

At Caron Texas, our experienced admissions staff is available to simplify each step of the challenging rehab admissions process from the time you first contact Caron. One of our experienced admissions professionals will help guide each individual, their family and loved ones through the evaluation process until the person is deemed fit to be admitted into a Caron alcohol treatment and drug rehab program.

The admissions staff will be able to explain the specific treatment programs and how the individual will be first evaluated prior to being granted admission. At Caron Texas, the prospective patient and family members will learn more about the personalized alcohol rehab and drug treatment program components and what roles the addiction treatment team members will undertake on behalf of the patient.

To learn more about the pre-admissions and patient evaluation process and what to expect from substance use treatment at Caron Texas, please call us at 214-491-3600 or 800-214-0352 to speak directly with a Caron Texas rehab treatment Admissions Specialist.